Hi there! Welcome to my virtual sitting room. Come in, pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable. Coffee’s on tap if you need it.

I’m Tom: an avid bookworm, chocoholic, movie buff, cycling enthusiast, night owl, Disney lover, and dog whisperer. I’m a hopeless romantic, an average cook, and an eternal optimist. *checks notes* Oh yeah: I’m also an aspiring storyteller and passionate fan of fantasy & mystery thrillers. I’d love to fulfil my dream of eventually becoming a pirate / professional ninja / dragon’s best friend / Palaeontologist published author.

Welcome to my website. Occasionally I find time to leave my blogging cave to indulge in other hobbies like making things, shooting arrows, climbing rocks, watching movies, dog walking, and losing badly at cards. In the meantime, I whine share my blogger’s insights, procrastinate write short stories, and complain talk about writing.

I know many successful bloggers keep a regular schedule, to let their readers know of exciting new content – that’s a wonderful idea! So my posting schedule will always be:

Mondays 13:00 GMT

     8:00 EST                                                             18:30 IST

Hope you enjoy your time here! 😀