How to Beat Blogger Burnout

It’s a new week, folks! I’ve got a plan, I’m all topped up on coffee, I can do this! I am going to WRITE! 🙂

And then…yikes! Burnout strikes again!

You know that awful feeling you get? The excitement dries up. Your energy drifts off. You stare listlessly at a blank sheet. Your pen hovers above the paper. Useless. You’ve hit a wall. Everything is terrible.

‘I can’t do this right…’

‘The words aren’t coming…’

‘This is hopeless…’

‘I’ve never got enough time…’

‘I can’t do it anymore…’

‘What’s the point…’

‘I’ve had enough of this…’

Let’s be real: some days, nothing seems to work. You can’t bring yourself to write, you’re searching desperately for that spark of inspiration, but where’s it gone? Burnout will happen, and you shouldn’t let it hurt your blog (or yourself). Here are a few things I’ve learned over the years about how to deal with (and prevent) blogging burnout, how to cut down on writing stress and keep it at a minimum:

Give Yourself a Break

I can’t stress just how important this is. I’m guessing the vast majority of online blogs – mine included – are not a primary source of income, so don’t treat it like a regular job. You’re allowed to give yourself a break, whether it’s scheduled or unscheduled. I’ve gotten so much better at not forcing myself to write something on days I’m feeling unmotivated, and it’s made the other days a whole lot easier and blogging much less stressful overall. If things aren’t going well, switch off, unplug, and get away from your computer screen. Go outside, take a walk, take a shower (sing in the shower! 😀 ), maybe meet friends for lunch. Your well-being is always more important than your blog.

Think Ahead

The few times I’ve managed to schedule posts weeks in advance have been life-changing. Because then, when I don’t feel up to writing a post, it can wait a few days. The pressure is gone, the posts are better, and blogging feels more like a fun hobby than an unpaid second job. When you have a day off, try and write a few posts for the future. That way, when burnout strikes, you don’t have to stress even more.

This also applies to all the preparation for posts. Don’t plan to panic-publish five different posts for the same day if you know they’re not going to be to a good standard. Give yourself time to prep so you’re not rushing posts.

Don’t Feel Guilty

I’ve definitely fallen prey to the nagging guilt that comes with missing a regular post. But I’ve since realized that’s kind of dumb. It might feel like a big deal, but it isn’t really. If you have a blog, it’s YOUR blog, and you can do whatever you want with it. Including skipping a day or two. Something that took me a while to realise: you don’t owe your readers anything. I love sharing useful advice with you and publishing new posts, but I shouldn’t feel forced to. So by all means, take a week (or a month) off if you have to recharge, but don’t feel guilty about it afterwards. You’ve worked hard! You’ve earned that break! 🙂

Accept That Things Take Time

Don’t work yourself ragged trying to make your blog the best it can be right this second. You’ll get there, but it takes time and practice. Don’t feel like you have to trash a whole bunch of posts if they don’t look right. You put time and effort into them, so keep them safe as drafts. If you constantly change the look of your blog, you risk losing sight of what your blog was originally meant to be in the first place. Nothing’s perfect! Instead, focus on improving little things in small manageable ways. They’ll soon become second nature, and you won’t sacrifice your core motivation in the process.

Think of it as the finishing touches; you’ve got the cake all sorted, now just work on the icing. You got this! ❤

Have Another Hobby

Blogging is such a strange hobby in that – whether or not you’re making money from it – it often feels like regular work. It might be fun, but it takes time, commitment and persistence, so in a way, it’s still work. And it can be a LOT of work depending on what you’re blogging about and how often you post. So don’t treat it like it’s that one fun thing you do after work to chill out. Make sure you have something that is actually relaxing (yes, reading counts 🙂 ), so you’re not piling on the stress. Cooking’s always been a great stress-reliever for me – whisking, chopping, stirring, blending and tasting can be so calming! Why not try a new sport? Listen to some new music! You’ll feel way more relaxed and ready with new ideas for your next blogging session.

Thank you so much for reading this! I hope you found this post helpful. These things might seem like common sense, but they took me a long time to learn. Really, take care not to make blogging so stressful that you burn yourself out in the first place. Trust me on this.

Have you experienced blogging burnout? Do you have any tips or tricks you’ve found useful in dealing with it? Let me know in the comments below! Hope you have a great week! ❤


11 thoughts on “How to Beat Blogger Burnout

  1. It’s like you read my mind on this blogger burnout cause I feel like that a lot of times especially to schedule posts😩😩😩 since am still kind of new to this I find it so hard to keep up with the paste plus I earn no money from it. Thanks for the advice it will help me a lot🙏🏿

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