Fancy Dress

(200 words)

‘Ugh, my hair looks awful. I just want it to be messier, y’know? But nooo, it’s all flat and tidy. It’s boooring.’

‘You look great, stop whingeing.’

‘Aww, the hollows under my eyes aren’t dark enough. And my clothes aren’t all raggedy and torn like yours. And you can barely see the axe wound in my chest. This suuucks.’

‘C’mon, stop fussing, we’re gonna be late. It’s almost midnight. You look fine, man!’

‘Easy for you to say – you look terrifying. Got an entire freakin’ arm missing and your eyes are all bulged out and you’re literally covered in blood. I look ridiculous next to you. People won’t be scared at me. They’ll just laugh. Ugh, Halloween’s always so stressful.’

‘Mate, listen. We’re zombies. We’re supposed to be scary. Sure, some of us are wayyy more gruesome than others and get a couple more screams. Just think y’self lucky you didn’t get stuck on a railway line at the wrong moment like me, yeah? Wanna swap life experiences?’

‘Fine, fine, I guess you’re right.’

‘Now, stop messing with your hair. Looks great. Let’s go spook these fools!’


‘Nuh-uh. No midnight snacks, you’ll never get to sleep.’



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