Death From Above

(145 words)

Muscles coiled. Hindquarters tensed. Claws sinking into the rotten bark. Tail twitching. Belly smeared with moss. All around, twisting trunks stretched overhead, gnarled titans of the forest.

His whiskers flickered. Not long now…

A black shadow swirled overhead. Alighted on a nearby branch. It tilted its hooked yellow bill, peered down. Flapped away into the foliage, croaking.

He waited.

A rustling in the bushes below. Wet leaves shivered. Closer. Closer.

He gulped the scent of deer. His stomach growled.

He waited.

A twig cracked.

The deer appeared, treading daintily over crinkled leaves. Nosing the ground. Ears flickering.


The deer tensed. Glanced up.

The leopard dropped like a stone, fangs wide, claws flashing.

A yowl from the shadows. Yellow eyes gleamed. His mate slunk from the crumbling ruins to nuzzle his flank, purring. Behind her, two cubs mewled hungrily, eager for food.

Another week’s meat.

This was written for the Mystery History Prompt by Di of Pensitivity101.

The challenge is:

• 150 word limit.

• Try not to use the words tree & green.

Plus I’m supposed to pester…sorry, nominate…three other bloggers. Well, here’s my chosen photo from Pixabay, but I won’t nominate anyone in particular to continue this onwards. There’s no strings attached, but if anyone would like to try the prompt themselves, that’s great! Go for it! 😀

Instead I’d like to give a special shoutout to five excellent fiction writers whose tales I’ve loved & whom I feel deserve much more publicity.

Matthew Richardson

H. L. Sailer

Cage Dunn

The Dark Netizen

Tales from the mind of Kristian

They create wonderfully gripping short stories with vivid characters, realistic dialogue, immersive world-building that pulls the reader in and great cliffhanger endings. Please show them some appreciation by checking their stories out! 😀

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