I’m officially a published writer!

I’m delighted to have my short story ‘Warfighter, Peacemaker’ featured in Spillwords Press! It was written two years ago and has always been a personal favourite of mine; I’m so deeply grateful to have my work accepted for digital publication. Huge thank you to everyone who’s encouraged and inspired me on my writing journey!

Read ‘Warfighter, Peacemaker’ here.

49 thoughts on “I’m officially a published writer!

    1. Thanks, Mark! 🙂 Glad the submissions and rejections finally paid off eventually – hopefully it’ll open the doors for writing competitions in the future 🤞


      1. I’d expect that it will! There are a lot of publishing venues out there. It’s a matter of doing to the research to find the right home for a particular piece. Time-consuming but worth it!

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  1. There you go, Tom – I’m off WP for a couple of weeks because work is so busy and you go and get a piece published! I’ll consider taking more time off in the future. In all seriousness, congrats. It really was only a matter of time and I’m certain that this will be the first of many.

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    1. Thanks so much, mate – it’s been a huge confidence boost for my writing, and hopefully it’ll open some new doors for competitions and other submissions elsewhere 🙂


      1. As well as Literally Stories, are there any other good journals/websites you’ve been recently submitting to who’ve been encouraging about your stories [even if they haven’t accepted them]?

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      2. Flashback Fiction accepted a piece of mine a couple of weeks back for this Autumn. Good turnaround time, excellent feedback, and they are wanting an interview and a video of me reading my piece for their website. Maybe give them a go?

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      3. Sounds like a good plan! 🙂 Be interesting to see if I can shave any stories down to the 500 word limit. Well done for getting yours out there – what era did you focus on?

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